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Petco is a leading pet specialty retailer that provides the products, services and advice that make it easier for customers to be great pet parents. Petco leads the industry in exemplifying safe, healthy and humane environments for companion animals, offering education opportunities for pet parents, and in supporting animal welfare groups. At Petco, animals always come first.

The Retail industry requires constant innovation, new ideas, new ways to delight customers and new ways to work together. To this end, Petco sought a better way to manage their construction program. Petco picked Projectmates construction program management software because Projectmates is the most customizable and user-friendly solution out there.

About Projectmates

Projectmates online retail construction program management software has a wide variety of tools to tackle many issues that retailers face during construction. Projectmates has numerous processes to streamline tasks such as site selection, design, layout and site adaptations, fixture placement, invoice automation, facility management, and ancillary post-opening promotional activities.

Today's construction projects are faster-paced than ever before. Projectmates construction industry software exceeds clients' expectations with real-time, up-to-the-minute access to the most accurate information, keeping projects on target, minimizing critical downtimes, and significantly reducing project durations

Projectmates is the most feature-rich online construction software available today. Its Construction Workflow Management features provide intelligent systems to automate collaborative workflow — meaning each team member can complete a punch list, update a field report, or create an RFI right from the field with the added perk of attaching photos on the fly to capture accurate data in real time.

A key advantage to using construction program management software is the ability to centralize communication and project information. Great online construction software keeps all information stored in one place so all players have access to the information they need. Projectmates offers a comprehensive online Construction Document Management. Projectmates' document management software smoothes the task of distributing, viewing and managing the complex mix of drawings and documents inherent to construction projects.

Projectmates retail construction management software includes several features key to Construction Accounting, including bid management, contract management, and the ability to exchange information between financial applications.

See for yourself why Projectmates online retail construction management software suite is the standard by which all others are measured — no other software for construction integrates more features in such an easy to use format. Get in the game — Get Projectmates.

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Petco Wins Constructech
Gold Vision Award

Petco's Constructech Gold Vision Award with Projectmates Projectmates congratulates Petco on being recognized at Constructech Vision Award and using Projectmates as its technology partner in construction project management.

In early October, Petco won a 2014 Constructech Gold Vision Award for successfully executiing construction processes through Projectmates' web-based online construction management software. The award was won in the Corporate Owner: Retail/Chain category. Constructech also honored Systemates, Inc. for being the technology facilitator of Petco in construction project management.

Petco's Construction Department received the award at the 2014 Vision Awards Ceremony, which was held at The Sofitel San Francisco Bay hotel on October 3, 2014. The industry's leading construction firms gathered at the event to discover which builders, contractors, and corporate owners would be named this year's Constructech Vision Award winners.

"We are honored to have been recognized by Constructech Magazine receiving the 2014 GOLD Vision Award. Projectmates has provided us a software program that streamlines the way we manage our construction projects, eliminating other tools and programs that were highly inefficient and labor intensive. We definitely could not have done it without the support and partnership from the Projectmates team," the Director of Construction for Petco commented.

Projectmates is committed to excellence and innovations. Highlights of its partnership with Petco include:

  • Since implementing Projectmates in late 2012, Petco has provided controlled web access to over 150 partnering contractors, architects, and vendors. This has reduced data entry for Petco, streamlined approvals, and provided better oversight to all parties.
  • Petco construction is more competitive because of efficiencies gained through Projectmates. The entire construction management process has become automated. Petco has been able to reduce approval time by 2-3 weeks for invoices and pay applications, capital expenditure requests, and change orders.
  • In less than a year, Petco has done 100% electronic bidding on over 60 stores. Projectmates auto creates a bid comparison worksheet, saving Petco from having to manually compile bid data.
  • Petco Accounting has saved countless hours of data entry because Projectmates is integrated with Petco's AP system.
  • Petco was able to discontinue use of other outdated, cumbersome software programs.

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